Thanksgiving Mule

This weekend I did a cocktail that people really loved at an event. It’s a variation on our normal Moscow Mule (by far our top-selling cocktail since we make our own ginger beer) that uses what I call “crime juice”, which is cranberry juice that’s been acidified to match the level of a lime.

I thought I’d share the recipe here so you can make your own.


Thanksgiving Mule

2 oz. liquor of choice (I like dark rum best)

1 oz. crime juice

4 oz. ginger beer

For bonus points, serve that shit in a champagne glass, but you can throw it on the rocks Moscow Mule style.

For double points, make your own ginger beer, and for triple points carbonate the whole thing in a keg.

Crime Juice:

1 liter cranberry juice

20 grams citric acid

2o grams malic acid

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