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Hot Toddy Machine

Recently a friend gave me one of these siphon coffee makers.

I decided to try the Rittman Heights apple cider hot toddy from below in it. It was my first time using it. I figured I could mull the beverage by putting the cider in the bottom glass, all of the spices in the top glass, and then just putting the rum in the cup. I used a charred cinnamon stick to swirl them together.

I think this actually turned out to be a pretty neat presentation. I can imagine at a bar a waitress presenting the siphon to the table, especially if a couple people bought it, and letting it run for awhile. You’d have to warn them the drink took 10-20 minutes and that maybe they’d like it as a second beverage or something though.

If I’m not mistaken, I remember once seeing Aviary had toyed with presenting hot drinks that way before settling on the Porthole instead. The Porthole has the advantage of being able to serve from right away, and being able to watch as the spices meld with the beverage. It’s also far more practical for service.

So maybe this will be nothing but a one time thing. But regardless I thought I’d present it here.